Breaking News! Free At-Home Covid Test Kits

   Go online to, fill out the form. Tests will usually ship within 7-12 days of ordering. One set of four tests per household. For those who don’t want to go online, a phone line will be set up but they haven’t put out the number yet so check back here for an update.

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    COVID Update: all Virginia Methodist churches are advised to mask up in high incidence areas, which includes Henrico County. The Conference says: “We still believe that the best practice is for everyone, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, to wear a mask at public gatherings.” Accordingly, while the liturgist, pastor and musician will remain unmasked due to social distancing, the congregation will remain masked throughout the service. More details at the Virginia Conference website.

In conjunction with resuming in person worship, Greenwood UMC continues to enjoy virtual worship together at 11 a.m. EDT:

on Zoom (click hereor dial  in on 301-715-8592

Meeting ID: 829 5710 1589, Password: 929829

Be sure to mute your phone, especially during the music

   Since expenses still go on despite COVID-19, members are urged to mail their regular weekly offerings to their respective church offices or use use the new Cash App. Greenwood’s tag is $GUMCVA.


   We urge everyone to pray for those infected or exposed and for the medical and public health people dealing with this pandemic.